Diabetes Management: This Summer Fruit Could Help Keep Your Blood Sugar in Control


Diabetes is a condition where your body metabolises blood sugar at an abnormal pace.

Summers are here and how. As the heat wave intensifies, there are very few likeable things about the weather right now. But amidst all the sweat, dehydration and irritability, one can always find some solace in juicy and refreshing summer fruits. Papaya is one summer fruit we cannot get enough of right now. In addition to being sweet and utterly delectable, papaya is also a storehouse of health benefits. It is packed with a bevy of health benefits; it is packed with antibacterial properties that helps keep your immunity top-notch. It is also a good source of antioxidants such as carotenoids, which protect and improve eye sight. Papaya is traditionally known for its digestion boosting properties. From the pulp and seeds to the leaf, one can eat any part of the papaya plant to reap its benefits. According to some experts, papayas can also be a fruitful addition to a diabetes diet.

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Diabetes is a condition where your body metabolises blood sugar at an abnormal pace. Diabetes is currently one of the biggest health concerns around the world. Millions are afflicted by the metabolic disorder and if the recent estimates are to be believed, by the year 2030, India is expected to have 98 million diabetics. Diabetics need to be mindful of what they add to their diet. They must steer clear of sugary and carb-dense foods. Instead, they should include foods rich in fibres. And, this is one of the many reasons why papaya fits the bill.

Here's Why Adding Papaya To Your Diet May Help You Manage Diabetes Better:

1. Papayas Are Rich In Antioxidants

According to macrobiotic nutritionist and health practitioner, Shilpa Arora, papaya is replete with natural antioxidants, which make papaya a great choice for diabetics. Diabetics are often prone to many ailments, including heart or nerve damage caused by irregular blood sugar levels. Consuming papayas could help obstruct future cell damage due to free radical activity and increase its life span.

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j7urh1m8Diabetes Management: Papaya is replete with natural antioxidants

2. Papayas Are Rich In Fibre

Papayas are enriched with dietary fibres that can aid digestion and also keep your heart healthy by keeping bad cholesterol at bay. Eating this food that is rich in fibre also enables slow release of sugar in the bloodstream, which prevents blood sugar fluctuations.

3. Papayas Are Low In Calories

The low-calorie fruit is often a staple in salads. Weight gain is a common cause of concern among diabetics. Including papayas in your diet will help you keep your weight in check.

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papayaDiabetes management: The low-calorie fruit is often a staple in salads.

How To Include Papaya In A Diabetes Diet

Papayas tend to have slightly higher natural sugar content, which is why you should always consume them in moderation. Do not mix them with your main meals; it's best to have fruits in between meals as a snack. You can however mix them up with some nuts like almonds, which may help balance the glycemic load of the fruit.

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