Amit Shah To Stay BJP Chief? Decision Likely In Mega Meetings Over 3 Days


Amit Shah is meeting with all BJP state chiefs and general secretaries.

New Delhi:

Whether Amit Shah, India's Home Minister, will continue to lead the ruling BJP as its president is among the questions before the party as its top leaders began three-day meetings today to discuss internal polls. The party has two choices – continue with their biggest election-winner or appoint a new chief.

Sources say with key elections ahead, it is likely to be the first option.

Amit Shah is likely to continue as BJP president for at least six more months, during which the party's internal elections will be held, sources say.

A final decision on whether the BJP will elect a new president right away or after its organizational polls will be taken in meetings the party chief will hold over the next few days.

Amit Shah will meet with all BJP state chiefs and general secretaries on Thursday to start the process for the organizational elections. On Friday, he will meet with organizational general secretaries.

The poll dates and a membership drive are also likely to be discussed. A party leader said it may take several months before the organizational polls are over. The process may stretch till October-November, said a leader.

Amit Shah, 54, is credited with the BJP's spectacular 300-plus tally in the national election. Known to be a master at organizational planning, he is also seen as the man who has enabled the BJP's growth in states like Bengal where the party had negligible presence just a few years ago.

Amit Shah's inclusion in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's new cabinet as Home Minister fueled speculation about his successor in the party.

Sources say with important elections ahead in BJP-ruled states like Haryana, Jharkhand and Maharashtra, the party may not want Amit Shah to let go of the reins just yet.

Amit Shah's three-year term as BJP president ended earlier this year, going by the party's rulebook. He was asked to continue for the national election.

The BJP constitution allows another three-year term for a party president.

The BJP won a huge mandate for a second term by winning 303 seats on its own, way above the majority mark of 272 in the Lok Sabha.

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