Ahem Is Back In Gopi’s Life!


Ahem Is Back In Gopi's Life! Ahem Is Back In Gopi's Life! Source : Press Ahem is back..Yes, that's absolutely right. Mohammand Nazim who plays Ahem in Saath Nibhana Saathiya was killed in because the story demanded and now he is back with a bang as 'Jaggi'. Surprised? So are we ! Looks like the makers are brewing the typical daily soap drama. As in the upcoming episodes of the serial we will see Gopi, escapes from the evil traps of Dr. Krishna and run away from the mental hospital on the occasion of Krishna Janmastami's festival. And seems like Kanhaji has finally heard her prayers as she meets Ahem's lookalike jaggi in the crowd and she will eventually think that her beloved husband is back. Now, let see how will Gopi Bahu react when she will realize that he is not Ahem but Jaggi. However, we are super exited to catch this interesting episode, are you excited too?
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