Weight Loss: Add These 2 Protein-Rich Ingredients To Moong Dal Cheela To Shed Kilos


Moong dal is widely used in a number of Indian delicacies.

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, one must keep in mind that only exercising and working out or just cutting down junk intake from diet is not going to help. An effective way to achieve a healthy lifestyle demands a nutritive diet that is not just devoid of fattening and unhealthy foods but is also replete with nutrient-dense ones. If you are someone who is struggling with extra body weight and wish to have a healthy mind and body, it gets imperative for you to consume a diet that has fibre and protein in good amounts. When it comes to protein, it is said to aid weight loss to a great extent. Protein-rich foods help induce a feeling of satiety that keeps untimely hunger cravings at bay, further preventing you from bingeing on fattening and greasy foods.

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g457df3oWhen it comes to protein, it is said to aid weight loss to a great extent.

While there is no dearth of protein-rich dishes out there, one breakfast item that catches the fancy of many is moong dal cheela. A staple across Indian households, moong dal is widely used in a number of Indian delicacies. Moong dal is replete with heath-benefiting properties. According to the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, moong lentils are a rich source of fibre that makes it a heart-friendly food too. These fibres can help lower cholesterol and also contain useful amount of potassium that may help keep blood pressure levels in check too. Other than this, moong dal is also known for its high protein content. Having it in the form of cheela could facilitate weight loss greatly. This plant-based protein is perfect for vegetarians who cannot depend on animal-based sources for their daily protein fill.

So, to make the most of this protein-rich breakfast option, we bring to you two more ingredients that will not only enhance the taste of the cheela, but would also add to its nutritional value, making it even more protein-dense.

The two ingredients are: paneer and green peas.

Here's How You Can Add Them To Your Moong Dal Cheela

– To begin with, wash the peas under cold running water and bring them to boil. Once they are soft and tender, drain the excess water gently and press the peas using a fork to mash them. Alternatively, you can also blitz them in a grinder to form a smooth paste. Add this paste to the moong dal batter and you're done.
– When it comes to paneer, there are two ways of adding it to the moong dal cheela. You can either grate the paneer and add it to the batter, or use the grated paneer as a garnishing over the cheela.

So, go ahead and make for yourself a delectable breakfast with a power dose of protein in it.

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