Change In Weather: 6 Vitamin C-Rich Foods To Help Fight Cold And Cough


Vitamin C-Rich Diet

As soon as the festive season begins, there's a slight nip in the air, which reminds us of the colder season approaching. Though the change in the weather brings a huge respite from hot and sultry days, it also makes us vulnerable to common infections like cold and cough. The air during this transition period contains bacteria and free radicals that tend to cause these ailments. Without resorting to medications for prevention, you can make your body stronger to withstand and fight back these bacteria. And, the best way to do it is to eat foods that have the potential to boost the immune system.

Vitamin C is known to improve immune system of the body. The nutrient is replete with antioxidants that act as a neutraliser and keeps a check on harmful chemical reactions in the body. There are many foods that are good sources of vitamin C.

Here are some vitamin C-rich foods that you can consume to fight cold and cough:

1. Citrus Fruits

Fruits with high water and citrus content are rich in vitamin C. For instance, 100 gms portion of orange or lemons will provide you with about 53 mg of vitamin C, as per United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) database.

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Vitamin C is present in citrus foods

2. Papaya

This one fruit is a storehouse of nutritive properties. A half a cup of papaya can fulfil your daily requirement of vitamin C.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are used in almost all kinds of food preparations. But, there are many people who avoid consuming it completely. This is to tell them how important it is to eat tomatoes to build their immunity, especially during the changing weather.

4. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and other such green leafy vegetables are considered great for filling up on vitamin C.

5. Bell Peppers

All varieties of bell peppers (our very own ‘shimla mirch') are rich in vitamin C. And, the best part is that this versatile vegetable can be used to make n number of meals in Indian and international cuisine.

6. Kiwi

This sweet and sour fruit is great to keep you protected through seasonal changes. According to USDA, a 100 mg of kiwi fruit will give you a whopping 74.7 gms of vitamin C.

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Kiwi is a good source of vitamin C

Include these fruits and vegetables in your diet to get a load of vitamin C that could protect you from common infections.

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