Summer Diet Tips: This Watermelon Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe Is A Delicious Surprise!


Made with the goodness of fruits, watermelon ice-cream is an energy booster.

There's no respite from the sweltering weather of the peak summers. Is there? Call it nature's fury or man-induced global warming, the temperatures are rising by the year and there's no easy way to deal with it. A chilled ice-cream, however, can provide a momentary relief and that is enough to make us forget the woes of the whole day. And, if that ice-cream is made of your favourite summer fruit, it can't get any better. Here's a recipe of ice-cream made with watermelon – the summer fruit with sweetness galore. Who doesn't like watermelon? We can safely say that it is loved by all. The sweet fruit which is mostly water is ideal for summers when keeping your body hydrated is a necessity.

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What Makes Watermelon A Great Summer Fruit?

Watermelon contains as high as almost 92 percent water, which is said to have alkalising and mineralising effect. Along with its cooling properties, watermelon provides a number of other health benefits. According to the book by DK Publishing House 'Healing Foods', "watermelon contains a compound called lycopene, which protects the heart from various cardiovascular issues. Watermelon's rind and flesh is packed with Citrulline, an amino acid that can regulate blood pressure levels, stimulate better blood flow, normalise blood pressure levels and boost immune function."
The best part about this watermelon dessert is that it is more like a sorbet. There's a blurry line of distinction between ice-cream and sorbet. Both of them are frozen desserts but sorbet is basically made of just flavoured water/juice and ice-cream loads up on cream as well. Hence, sorbet exudes a more icy cool effect in the mouth.

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A Medley Of Foods With A Twist

This sorbet not just contains watermelon juice but also some coconut milk. Two magical drinks combined to make a delish ice-cream and it has a surprise in the papaya sauce which is both sweet and savoury! The overkill of sweetness from the fruits and coconut milk is balanced with a dash of lemon juice and vinegar. Rose water lends a gratifying rosy flavour. All in all – this popsicle-like ice-cream will suit all types of palates.

Here is the Watermelon Coconut Ice-Cream With Papaya Sauce Recipe.


Summer Cooler: Watermelon Coconut Ice-cream with Papaya Sauce

The recipe looks a little complicated at the first glance as it required a mixed bag of various ingredients. But, once you get a hang of it, you'll realise that it is quite simple to make and when the journey is that good, you don't really mind a little hard journey. Make this irresistible ice-cream with summer fruits at home and enjoy your days under the sun.

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